Nardei Provides Controls

Whether it is industrial piping, modular assemblies, heat transfer equipment, coils for industrial furnaces or pressure vessels, industrial welding demands thorough preparation to ensure that all stages in the manufacturing process succeed.

We, at Nardei, recognize the need to provide useful reporting that begins at the early stage of a project…as early as the estimating stage. As a result, we use a number of good, workable reports that have been developed by our professional team. The following is only a short list of Reports that can be adapted to fit your work plan:

  •  Fabrication Weekly Activity Report
  •  Material Purchase Order
  •  Purchase Order-Status Report
  •  Receiving Report
  •  Estimate-Summary List, Material
  •  Spool In-Production Report
  •  Drawing Control Index
  •  Spools Issued for Fabrication
  •  Fabrication Progress Report
  •  Module Fabrication Progress Report
  •  Expediting Report

Nardei Provides Services

We are authorized to use the ASME U & S code symbol stamps and our fabrication conforms to the latest of the applicable CSA, ANSI, AWWA, and PFI Standards, as well as ASME Codes.